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Test, treat and aftercare the bodyadvance way

May 17, 2022

The underlying common theme I’m presented with is symptom based problems and frustration, based on last resort attempts to fix a problem and common myths. At body advance, I evaluate your reason for being here in conjunction with a thorough health screening and a willingness to get to know the person. Through a series of musculoskeletal tests and looking at your current mobility, I am able to suggest appropriate treatment and I have a full toolkit of things that work and apply them correctly.

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products used at bodyadvance, doncasters leading sports massage and pain management clinic

May 09, 2022

Having been in this industry as a physical therapist for the last 7 years, it may not be surprising that I have tried many products. First starting out all those years ago, it was oils, but my quest then began to trial products that suited my own style. I have subsequently tried, oils , waxes, creams, liquiwax.

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new membership scheme and client referral rewards coming soon!

May 06, 2022

Following a surge in clients seeking my services over the last 3 months, I am now introducing two new schemes to my practice.

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Coming soon , new clinic and treatment videos at Bodyadvance

April 25, 2022

Following somewhat of a marketing and social media Hiatus, I am in process of shooting a collection of treatment videos together with a new clinic video shoot to further enable my clinic brand awareness. This comes following some excellent reviews and need for my services is now steadily increasing. Furthermore, as I am a total advocate of encouraging people of Doncaster to seek treatment, what better way of showcasing me as a person, in treatment doing what I love doing.

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Are you about to go on holiday but in pain? Phone consult and book when you come back.

April 13, 2022

One of the most common dilemmas I see is clients who are about to go away on holiday but are in pain. The scenario usually starts off with a whole number of things to organise prior to getting away interspersed with that nagging pain.

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Cross fit and poor thoracic mobility.

April 05, 2022

The popularity of the CrossFit franchises has gained significant momentum with practically every town and city having an affiliate or number of affiliates and Doncaster is just one of those Towns.

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Your IT band versus your therapists ego

March 22, 2022

As a therapist and someone who does a fair bit of exercise, you can imagine that I practice what I preach, and you'd be correct. I see several therapists and have done for some time.

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sports massage in doncaster for treeatment of knee pain

Knee pain

March 16, 2022

Knee pain once again is another common problem that clients require help with. As it’s another weight bearing joint with many ligaments attached and muscles and connective tissue bleeding into, dysfunction and pain can be a real hindrance.

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Hip pain in adulthood

March 12, 2022

Hip pain in adulthood is a common occurrence and is one that is tolerated until it gets so bad that it effects daily life.

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Shoulder Pain

March 11, 2022

The shoulder joint is the most moveable versatile joint of the human body and is responsible for many plains of movement throughout the day.

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Back pain and the benefits of seeking a therapist to help.

March 09, 2022

Back pain is one of the most common conditions that is presented to me in clinic and according to the Charted Institute of Professional Development is one of the top contributors to absence from work.

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Two New Methods To Treat At Body Advance

October 21, 2019

We are constantly looking at new methods and therapies to integrate into our sessions, all for the benefit of our clients.

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Deep Oscillation Therapy Lands in Doncaster

July 18, 2019

We have recently invested a 4 figure sum bringing patented Deep Oscillation Technology to our Doncaster clinic.

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Doncaster Gets a Treatment Centre For Fibromyalgia

May 30, 2019

Body Advance will launch a new service for the treatment of Fibromyalgia and associated pain conditions.

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April 26, 2019

Body Advance opened its doors 1st September 2015 as massage therapy practice.

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Our Sponsorship Of Doncaster's MMA Event

March 18, 2019

We kicked off our sponsorship of Doncaster’s MMA event Saturday 16th March.

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Two New Online Marketing Platforms

March 06, 2019

We are showing our determination to create a fantastic online marketing presence with two new relationships.

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Body Advance at Business Doncaster Live

March 01, 2019

Body Advance attended the Business Doncaster event at Doncaster Racecourse.

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage Services

February 07, 2019

Plans are in place to offer a full range of manual lymphatic drainage services complimented by deep oscillation therapy.

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How Did I Do It?

February 05, 2019

People often ask me how I became a therapist and what I did to get there.

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Body Advance Sponsors Caged Steel

February 01, 2019

We are proud to announce that we have signed a 1 Year sponsorship deal with Yorkshires Premier MMA event Caged Steel.

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We Have Teamed Up With The Gym Doncaster

January 22, 2019

We have teamed up with the Gym Doncaster on top of the Frenchgate Centre and will be promoting our services periodically from within the main reception area.

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The Ancient Mystery Of Men Not Seeking Treatment

January 04, 2019

Well my first blog item of 2019 is born from the fact that a fair percentage of male clients during the last 3 years have been encouraged to come via their partners.

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Massage Therapy In Doncaster

December 07, 2018

The cat is out of the bag. I started trading from my fantastic new clinic space at the Wellness Centre Cavendish Court, a prestigious building on South Parade in the heart of Doncaster.

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So It's 2019. A New Year A New Start

December 07, 2018

So it’s 2019. A new year a new start. I’m looking for 3 clients to start an annual therapy programme.

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Postponement of Charity Fundraiser

October 02, 2018

A while ago I mentioned details of my planned wing walk for Stocksbridge CLC with the view to raising money for Stocksbridge Community Leisure Centre.

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Our New Appointed Charity

May 18, 2018

We are pleased to announce our new appointed charity is Stockbridge Community Leisure Centre.

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We Have Moved

April 04, 2018

Due to a change in personal circumstances, I have taken a necessary decision to move premises closer to home.

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Planned Wing Walk for Stocksbridge Community Leisure Centre

April 04, 2018

It's that time again!! Time for me to lose all sanity. I've chosen to do a wing walk for our new partner charity.

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October 19, 2017

Over the last 18 months we have been developing our business through a combination of ways.

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Silence is not golden

May 30, 2017

Running a very busy massage practice plus training for a long Charity cycle ride has got in the way a little.

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Charity Cycle Training Update

March 13, 2017

Sunday 12th March saw another training ride take place, it was a rather pleasant morning.

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All Doncaster Chamber Members Will Receive 20% Off

March 08, 2017

To celebrate the opening of my new Doncaster therapy clinic and being a new member of Doncaster chamber of commerce, I have launched discounted rates.

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Look out for our fundraising posters

March 08, 2017

Thanks to our creative team at BurstingBox Limited, we have had a number of fundraising posters produced and with the help of local businesses.

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Body Advance's Charity Event

February 16, 2017

Following the death of my father suddenly of irreversible heart failure back in 2013, I took a long look at my life and decided that I wanted to challenge myself...

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Lands End to John o' Groats 2017 Training

January 26, 2017

Well, training is now under way for our 969 mile charity cycle ride for Willow Wood Hospice.

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Massage and the Central Nervous System

January 17, 2017

In a world that is constantly evolving be this through advances in technology.

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99er Business Club Meeting Willow Wood Hospice

December 12, 2016

Well an early start for me to make my way to Willow Wood Hospice for my first business club meeting.

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symptoms cloud of firbromyalgia


November 11, 2016

This month at Body Advance, we kick off our focus series where we approach conditions linking them with massage.

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Professional Standards

November 01, 2016

Here at Body Advance Massage Therapies we take our role very seriously.

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