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Knee Pain Treatment In Doncaster

The knee joint is extremely prone to pain and dysfunction due the the stresses and rigors its exposed to.  The knee consists of bone, cartilage ,ligaments and tendons that enable various plains of movement and keep the joint stable.

Knee pain can be brought on in many forms to include cartilage tears , ligament ruptures, instability of the ankle and foot and tight /weak musculature that feed into and or cross the knee joint itself.

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Common Conditions of the Knee

Patella Femoral Pain Syndrome

This condition also known as "runners knee" is a condition that manifests where structures of the knee get tight and inflamed mainly through repeat actions pf the joint itself. As the name suggests ,this condition is synonymous with running but also can come on through walking, climbing stairs and through compound exercises such as squatting and lunging.   

Bakers Cyst

A bakers cyst is a fluid filled growth that occurs behind the knee in popliteal area causing tightness inflammation and pain. This condition often occurs when the person has had an impact injury or sudden jolt to the structures of the joint.

Causes of Knee Pain


Injuries to the knee through impact , sudden movements can cause damage to tendons and ligaments to include ACL tears, meniscus tears. These structures make are there to keep the knee stable and provide shock absorption where the knee articulates


Dysfunction's such as dislocated knee cap and iliotibial band syndrome will influence how the knee joint responds to movement significantly.

Hip and foot pain

Pain and dysfunction of the hip and foot can cause imbalances and change the way a person walks  causing lateral forces to affect the positioning of the knee.

Arthritic Conditions

Arthritis causes inflammation and degeneration of the joint and its surrounding tissues and structures. In the case of auto immune rheumatoid arthritis, this condition actually attacks the knee itself.

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How We Treat Knee Pain

We take a whole body approach to treating knee pain both acute and chronic. Through careful consultation, postural assessment and establishing potential causes and dysfunction, we can tailor a treatment plan using various protocols appropriate to the severity and acuteness of pain. Where we feel onward referral is more appropriate, we have no problem doing so.


  • Consultation
  • Sports Massage
  • Myofascial/Soft tissue release.
  • Postural assessment and testing.
  • Rest Ice protocol
  • Kinesiology taping
  • Deep Oscillation Therapy
  • manual lymphatic Drainage
  • Prescriptive soft rehabilitation and strengthening

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