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Sports Massage Therapy In Doncaster

Sport massage is an extension really of Swedish massage geared towards mobilising soft tissues working with a deeper pressure, breaking down adhesions and increase or decrease muscle tone, particularly in a sporting context but can also be used to treat a range of conditions.

Sports massage is an effective accompaniment to training programmes before and after exercise, pre and post event with specific techniques applied to aid performance or to relax over exerted muscle and connective tissue.

Sports massage helps by

  • Flushing out metabolic waste
  • Increasing elasticity of muscles by generating heat
  • Stimulating nerve endings to induce and invigorating effect
  • Improving flexibility of soft tissues surrounding a joint, thus preventing injury
  • Improving circulation and blood flow allowing more oxygen nutrients to be transported, aiding muscle repair
  • Breaks down and reshapes scar tissue
  • Reduces pain by breaking up the pain signal pathways

Sports massage also helps to keep the muscles healthy thus in turn helping sporting performance physically and psychologically.

Here at Body Advance we an osteopathic lead approach to treating musculoskeletal pain by treating the body as a whole unit. We do not just treat the symptom, we look into what is causing it.  Through  a thorough consultation , we will ask you a series of questions to ascertain:

  • When the pain started
  • how long has the pain being around
  • How does it usually present itself
  • what injuries existing or previous the client had/has

We will then perform a series of tests and palpitation's to look into what is causing this before any treatment Begins

We will then use a range of techniques to include; joint mobilisations, weakness testing , sports massage, myofascial release muscle lengthening protocols and active/passive stretching if required.

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What to expect in a session

During an appointment we firmly believe to involve clients in all aspects of their treatment. The added value of this is to make clients fully aware of what is going on to help the with basic knowledge on how to manage this away from the treatment room.

In addition, we like clients to assist us in treatment by asking them to move. having someone on a treatment table static is counter productive especially where pain and mobility is concerned . Furthermore, by moving whilst treating, this enables change to happen and help restore function.

Techniques used in session.

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Soft tissue Locks and releases
  • Myofascial release
  • Dry Cupping
  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM)
  • Deep Oscillation Therapy
  • Hot and Cold Therapy
  • kinesiology Tape
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We provide a comprehensive protocol of after care by email to include, first step rehabilitation, prescriptive exercises and further suggestion about how to prevent further instances of pain by strengthening programs together with common sense do's and donts. We also offer follow up appointments should we deem these necessary. If we suspect further investigation is required, we will suggest and appropriate referral source. 

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Sports Massage FAQs

What do I wear for a session?

Wear comfortable easy to remove clothing or bring along shorts, T-shirt.  If we require to treat skin on skin, we have towels available to keep you warm and for modesty purposes.

How long are your sessions?

Please allow 1 hour 15 mins for your 1st session. We then have follow up appointments lasting 30 mins , 45 mins and 60 mins, all bookable separately.

Im waiting for a GP refferal , Why should I book an appointment with you?

Waiting for GP referrals to the CATS team at hospital or an Private Physio can take upwards of 6 months to come to fruition. Even then , these appointments tend to last no more than 20 minutes and all you are left with is an exercise fact sheet that you do not understand.

Living with pain for most people leads to more stiffness, feeling less mobile and in most circumstances the pain can get progressively worse, without professional resolution.

By coming to Body Advance, you will be tested , treated and given proactive follow up advice to further manage your condition outside the treatment room.


Initial Consultation And Treatment


Follow Up Treatment 60 mins


3 Treatment Block Booking 3 x 50 mins


Follow up treatment 30 mins


Follow up treatment 45 mins


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