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Back Pain Treatment In Doncaster

The lower back is a complex area of the human body which makes it a very vulnerable area for pain and dysfunction. It comprise of joints , ligaments  and complex musculature connecting the upper trunk to the pelvis. It also has fused joints and comes under considerable loading from the spinal joints that precede it. There is also a strong nerve supply from the lower lumbar region again vulnerable when musculature is tight or an injury is present.

Poor posture, weak musculature, incorrect loading and sports injury can cause significant pain and loss of form and function of this area of the back.    

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Common Conditions of the Back

Herniated Disc

A herniated or "slipped" disc is when a disc  between the bones in your spine pushes out. It's painful if it presses on nerves.\its job is to provide support and absorption between the joints of your spine , this can present as a quick onset intermittent problem, dependent on what position your posture is in.

Muscle Strain

As muscle strain is an injury to a muscle or tendon usually caused by over exertion, sudden twisting or overstretching.

Common Causes of Back Pain


Excessive loading of the lower back really is extremely common. Poor workplace hygiene lifting heavy items too far often results in the lower back being placed in a position of weakness.


Seems crazy doesn't it. Imagine an onset sneeze when you are twisted or reaching for something can cause a sudden jolt to the body.

Accident in the work place or at home

A sudden trip slip or fall can cause significant lower back pain problems. Sacroiliac pain for example often occurs when someone slips forward as there is minimal articulation to the SI joint.

Sporting injury

With the population increasing their health and lifestyle goals, more and more people are taking up new sports and pastimes. Injuries to the lower back through poor form, over exertion and lack of mobility can quite easily result in lower back pain

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How We Treat Back Pain

We take a real time approach to pain treating clients on an individual case by base basis through assessment of symptoms, what stage they are at .i.e.. acute/chronic and devise a plan to treat what we find.  If further investigation is required, we will advise on onward referral.


  • Sports massage
  •  Kinesiology tape offload
  • Hot/cold therapy
  • Active/ passive release
  • Sciatic flossing 
  • Soft rehabilitation/ strengthening

Back Pain FAQs

How many sessions would i need to start seeing results from treatemt?

A conservative answer would be to give therapy 4 to six sessions when treating manifested back pain.  Circumstances that lead to back pain such as Injury ,  Spinal changes  must also need to be taken.

You will be given comprehensive self management strategies that really will benefit you in the long term so its vital these are followed and prolong need for further treatment other than maintenance.

I have been taking painkillers a long time and still I am in pain why?

Invariably , pain killers just mask the pain and you could be doing daily actions that are making the pain worse.  At Body Advance, we will look into your pain history and look at preventative measures such as strengthening weak musculature contributing to your pain, reducing inflammation , and practical guidance on things to avoid doing .

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