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Elbow Pain Treatment In Doncaster

The Elbow joint is a complex and sensitive joint involved in an array of functions from throwing a ball to brushing your teeth. 

The musculature, tendons and ligaments of the elbow attach from the shoulder to the hand and can be prone to pain such is its volatility.

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Common Conditions Of The Elbow

Golfers/Tennis Elbow

A form of tendonitis where the elbow has been subjected to loading and force in extension and flexion of the joint.  The former refers pain to the inside of the Elbow (Medial Epicondyle) and the latter refers pain to the outside of the Elbow (Lateral Epicondyle).

Rheumatoid Arthritis

A chronic auto immune condition that causes swelling and degeneration of the elbow through the body's own immune system attacking cells of the joint lining.

Common Causes Of Elbow Pain

Over Use

Repeat movements day to be these in a sporting context or simply performing tasks can lead to inflammation and micro tears in the tendons and ligaments. Musculature used to extend and flex the elbow can become tight and irritate both  bony landmarks of inside and outside of the elbow.  


Lifting carrying heavy weight, excessive loading of the joint is associated with carrying , high velocity throwing and lilting objects that are too heavy.


Having a fall, scraping the elbow on a door or a wall can simply bring onset pain and bruising quite easily.

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How We Treat Elbow Pain

Through through consultation, we assess palpate, test with resistance to check for known conditions that may give both positive or negative results.

We treat inflammation by icing the joint and its associated structures to reduce any inflammation down and then diligently take the elbow through patterns and movement. 

We can then treat the appropriate muscles and tendons that may be the source of pain. in respect of trauma or fall, we may refer on for an x-ray to check extent of unknown damage.


  • Ice
  • Sports Massage
  • Passive Joint mobilisations.
  • range of motion/ investigative testing

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