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Migraine Treatment In Doncaster

Migraine or severe tension headaches affects many people in many ways and for multiple frequencies.

Headaches are triggered by a number of different things to include, diet, hydration levels, tension/stress , cervical joint dysfunction among many.

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Common symptoms of headaches

  • Severe pain in multiple regions or singular regions of the head
  • Ocular auras, flashes and floaters.
  • Eye Pain
  • Nausea
  • Light sensitivity
  • Emotional behavioral changes

Common causes of Migraine

Migraines are not fully understood with multiple lines of ongoing research trying to determine what may be going on.

Certain triggers to include

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How We Treat Migraine

Through consultation and testing , we can look at counteracting certain triggers and put in place various interventions either self helping or through third party practitioner referral.

We can address tight musculature in the head and neck and provide simple exercises and stretches. 

we can also teach relaxation techniques to include breathwork , self administered myofascial release, guided meditation.


  • Sports Massage
  • Static cross handed holds
  • Active and passive stretching
  • Occipital traction
  • Cervical decompression

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