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Manual Lymphatic Drainage In Doncaster

Manual Lymphatic Drainage also abbreviated to MLD is an advanced specialist therapy using non evasive gentle rhythmic circular movements applied to skin in the direction of lymph flow. It works by stimulation of the Lymphatic vessels, essential for the transportation substances the body needs for its natural defense. Furthermore, it also assists removal of waste products.

We treat

  • Post operatively after a cosmetic surgery operation to help reduce swelling, brusing, preven fibrosis and promote healing.
  • General soreness and fatigue
  • Stress related symptoms
  • SInusitis

At Body Advance we will assess, treat and recommend a programme of therapy that meets your needs. Whether this is treatment of post operative surgery or treatment of an ongoing condition, we will work diligently with your GP or Aesthetics Surgeon.

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage FAQs

Why do i need to attend a consultation before treatment?

This is to establish the surgery you are having or the surgery you have had and to check your suitability for treatment. An appointment will then be made for you to attend and subsequent planned treatment based on a protocol of sessions around the specifics of your surgery.

Are there any side effects to treatment?

The most common of side effects are light headiness due to changes in blood pressure that can occur.  You may also feel a little sleepy.


Consultation 20 Mins


Pre/Post Op Lymphatic Drainage


Lymphatic Drainage 4 Treatment Block


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