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Leg Pain Treatment In Doncaster

Leg pain is extremely common and can manifest in many ways through every day life tasks, periods of immobility, instability in other areas of the body and through overuse.

It can also be the result of compromised nerve innervation through blocks of pathways through a spinal injury , misaligned disc or through various gait related conditions.

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Common Conditions of the Leg

Shin Splints

Shin splints refer to pain of the lower leg Tibia  where tight musculature pulls on the bone itself. This is most common in dancers and athletes who put themselves through intense training regimes


Tendonitis refers to the inflammation of the thick fibrous tendons connecting muscle to bone, often as a result of overuse or over exertion.

Hamstring pain

The hamstrings are a dominant muscle group of the posterior upper leg. They are recruited various ways but most common is when sitting, and squatting. Sudden impact movements of running , over contracted /shortened hamstrings can often result in a tear.

Causes of Leg Pain

Gym exertion

More and more people are working out these days often doing heavy compound movements. This can lead to shortened muscle groups and compromised range of motion.


A & E departments all over the country deal with a multitude of leg pain, leg sprain and broken bones often requiring  significant rehabilitation.

Deep vein thrombosis

With many of us taking long haul flights , the lack of blood circulation can often result in clots within the legs, particularly lower limbs.

Sitting for long periods

People who have desk jobs or who drive for a living are prone to leg pain due to over contracted muscles of both upper and lower limbs.

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How We Treat Leg Pain

We look to identify the causes of leg pain and ways to avoid it. Through careful consultation we will assess what outside factors may also be causing it, Using  a rage of muscle tests, we can identify shortened muscle groups, instability of the hips and knee joints and tailor a plan to aim to reduce  symptoms and correct the underlying cause.


  • Range of motion testing
  • Passive joint mobilisation
  • Sports massage
  • Myofascial release
  • Pin and stretch
  • Deep oscillation
  • Kinesiology taping offload

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