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Neck Pain Treatment In Doncaster

Neck pain is a common phenomenon particularly now in the modern era with advancements of technology and hours we spend on our phones and lap top devices. Lets face it life can leave us extremely busy and tense at times

Neck pain has numerous referral pathways due to compression of nerves supplying other areas of the body such as shoulders arm and hands.

Clients who have neck pain will usually present as being sore, stiff or in its extreme sense finding it very difficult to move their neck any which way. We have musculature and tendons that attach from the base of the skull to the shoulder as used for the simplest of every day tasks.

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Common Conditions of the Neck

Muscle Spasm

Muscle spasms are involuntary contractions of a muscle group that cant relax and remain in a shorted position.


Spondylosis is a condition of the cervical vertebrae resulting  in abnormal wear and tear of cartilage and bone.

Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain manifests quite quickly and if left untreated or left undiagnosed it may even get progressively worse.

Here are types of neck pain


Poor posture, sleeping position , tech usage and awkward sitting are most common causes of neck pain usually resulting in overly contracted sore muscles of the neck and shoulder , in some instances muscle spasm.  Lack of blood flow and tension go hand in hand and are the first signs of neck pain.


The spine is prone to degeneration and is usually age related. Friction and stiffness can occur as we get older due to the intervertebral discs losing function resulting in spinal bones becoming susceptible to wear and tear.


Injury through sporting pursuits, road traffic accidents or falls  can cause significant neck pain and ofter require ongoing treatment by a qualified practitioner.

Nerve Related

Nerve compression or nerve irritation can cause significant neck pain and referral pain along their nerve route.

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How We Treat Neck Pain

Our approach to treating neck pain involves looking at range of motion and restrictions, palpation of muscle and testing. 

We ask our clients to be involved in this by encouraging them to contract musculature around the neck to enable the muscle to naturally lengthen. We also address weak musculature by strengthening the muscle and or supporting the muscle with applied kinesiology tape.

We then use a series of massage techniques , release holds and manipulations to restore function.


  • Spinal manipulation
  • Sports massage
  • Trigger pointing
  • Isometric contraction and relaxation
  • Traction

Neck Pain FAQs

Is there any practical things I can be doing to prevent neck pain?

Simple day to day steps can provide some positive intervention when it comes to neck pain.

  • Sleeping on single pillow will reduce the risk of over contracted neck muscles during the night.
  • Chin tuck exercises will strengthen muscles ,helping to correct forward head posture.
  • Reduction of time spent on using mobile phones prevents unnecessary crooking of the neck and cervical spine


Can pain and stiffness in the neck cause altered nerve sensation elsewhere?


Spinal nerves coming from the neck supply the shoulder, arm and hands. This can lead to pain , weakness and numbness of these areas if left untreated. There is also reduced blood flow to these areas which potentially could lead to increased muscle tone, soreness and reduced ability to heal.

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