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Sciatica Treatment In Doncaster

Sciatica Is where the Sciatic Nerve that runs for your lower lumbar spine gets compressed causing irritation and debilitating pain. It is a condition that occurs in many age groups but most common in age groups between ages of 30 to 50.  Through working age , we become bodily adapted so this condition is heavily influenced through our daily posture, activity levels, and degeneration of our spine. A bulging disc is often attributed to being a significant cause of sciatica .

True Sciatica can be diagnosed by testing the nerve route in a specific way. There is also a condition called Piriformis Syndrome that mimics Sciatic pain that we tend to look to rule out here at Body Advance.

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Common Symptoms of Sciatica

Nerve Pain

Pain a long the sciatic nerve route to include,, lower back, buttock, lateral hip, hamstrings, calf and foot.

Altered Nerve Sensation

Tingling , numbness and weakness of limb are all associated symptoms that accompany sciatic pain.

Causes of Sciatica


Age related degeneration of the spine and its supporting structures can impinge and irritate the sciatic nerve.

Prolonged sitting and inactivity.

Long hours sitting at a desk , being somewhat inactive at home and long hours spent driving can cause weakness and tightness the the musculature where the sciatic nerve passes.


A job where the person is carrying heavy loads , twisting or in general poor ergonomics can either cause dysfunction , weakness or acute injury.


Being overweight can often cause instability and stresses on the spine, resulting in musculoskeletal changes and adaptations

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How We Treat Sciatica

We adopt a whole body approach to treating Sciatica and it all stems from careful consultation on lifestyle factors of the patient.  Through performing various tests to rule out mimics of the condition we will assess on the likelihood of it being Sciatica through irritation tests of the Sciatic Nerve Route

We also work on the basic care of the patient principle by way of positive referral to other qualified professionals who may have access to ultrasound, MRi scanning equipment. 


  • Testing and consultation.
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Positional release
  • Sports massage
  • Active/passive exercise
  • Onward referral
  • Sciatic Nerve flossing

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