Two New Methods To Treat At Body Advance

Posted in Internal Updates on Oct 21, 2019.

We are constantly looking at new methods and therapies to integrate into our sessions, all for the benefit of our clients.

Plans are in place to introduce two new methods to treat...

We are going back to our key training provider, leading osteopath, publisher and international lecturer, John Gibbons to purchase his medical grade fascial instrument.

The graston technique involves mobilisation the soft tissues by scraping the skin working through the tissues with the client moving. It's an effective technique to reduce tight stuck muscles, but also effective by bringing much needed heat in the area and renewed blood supply.

We are also investing in a powerful tapotement machine through our new partner Casada Healthcare. The medigun is a low frequency therapy device designed to percussion the tissues and free up adhesion.

This is particularly effective around the spine and scapular and allows the therapist to work with a client clothed. Not only this, it increases productivity in a session allowing the therapist more time to mobilise a client.

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