Are you about to go on holiday but in pain? Phone consult and book when you come back.

Posted in Internal Updates on Apr 13, 2022.

One of the most common dilemmas I see is clients who are about to go away on holiday but are in pain.

The scenario usually starts off with a whole number of things to organise prior to getting away interspersed with that nagging pain.

Here at bodyadvance, I am on a bit of a one therapist crusade of encouraging people to get their problems addressed before they manifest. The solution, phone consultation. Why not call my clinic on 01302456270 and let me enable you to be more body aware and potentially offer some self help to get you through your trip where you can relax rather than let pain spoil your hard-earned vacation.

I am here to help those who want to be helped and can invest in some time and money to help them recover and be pain free. Compared with throw away expenses that are not dwelled over, the cost of a therapy session is negligible.

I have recently helped a teacher who was just about to have a long weekend away by prescribing some helpful self-administered pain relief without medication. She then followed that up with a face-to-face appointment for a more in-depth consultation and treatment.

I can offer this help totally free of charge. However, you can also pay up front for a session on your return as we have payment facilities where you don’t have to be here. This way your commitment to get things sorted is guaranteed.

You may be away but don’t delay. drop my clinic a call on 01302 456270.

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