Why Body Advance?

Posted in Internal Updates on Nov 21, 2023.

Why Body Advance?

“Wayne is very easy to get along with & his way of explaining things mixed with humour puts you at ease, 100% recommend”

“Wayne has helped me enormously - I had the best nights sleep after my very first treatment” “Very professional and knowledgable physio”

These are just a handful of testimonials of clients who have walked through my doors, some barely able to function on a day to day basis. All of whom deserve more than what they had recently been getting from their bodies and many just haven’t been able to get timely treatment, or treatment at all, through usual means.

Most will have typed into Google “Sports Massage Therapist Doncaster” or “Pain Management Doncaster” in the hope that the internet would find the solution to their problem. They found my page, as well as others I’m sure, but chose Body Advance.

So why should you also choose Body Advance and the treatment I can provide?

I pride myself in delivering on my promise of a completely client centred approach to therapy. There’s no one size fits all treatments here. The devil is always in the detail and, from minute one, that’s what I focus on. Before any treatment takes place I take my time to fully assess what is specifically in front of me. My aim is to find the root- cause of your pain & stop it at it’s source. All too often, pain migrates & you can get stuck on secondary symptoms rather than the actual problem.

I like to get to know my clients on a level where these appointments aren’t one to dread. My clients, all too often, have been through enough without making the next step in the process something of an endurance task! That said - I do like my clients to be as informed as possible & I push for them to take care of themselves outside of my sessions. Homework is important! If you’re local to Doncaster or South Yorkshire, there’s no reason to live in pain or discomfort! Contact me today & we’ll put together a plan of action to get you freely moving once again!

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