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Body Advance opened its doors 1st September 2015 as massage therapy practice. Since that day, there was always a goal I intended and that was to offer alternatives to physios and remedial therapists. I did not want to go down that route so I rebranded as Body Advance to become a soft tissue therapy clinic wholly focused on symptom control and condition management.

My goal focus is identifying root causes of symptoms and treating the root cause and thus reducing symptom.

When clients come to me seeking my help, this is what I offer, a combination treatment session using massage, mobilisation, active and passive release techniques to free up areas of dysfunction and wholly targeted to the client. Yes I can offer a full body massage to help unwind and relax, but it's usually not why people come.

I often get asked what to expect and even recently when some mystery shoppers from other clinics have rang, I give them one simple message "Prepare to be involved". It's very rare that I have anyone lying static on my table. In fact, a large majority will probably be sat up and moving around. If you have dysfunction, the key is freedom of movement and that's exactly how I treat my clients.

The plan now is very exciting. Over the coming months, I will be turning my practice into a clinic that is dedicated to treat pain conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain Syndrome and Autoimmune deficiencies. The practice will also become a place to come for Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Investment is also planned to offer Deep Oscillation therapy, a very effective way of improving lymph flow, treating pain conditions.

During June, July and August, Body Advance will be stepping up marketing efforts and for the second time in its lifecycle, delving in to targeted print advertising and search marketing. Our brand will be in a fair number of places as we seek to attract clients in need of follow on aesthetic after care to aid recovery. This means that as 2020 draws nearer, we are best placed to offer a tier of services that is fine tuned to our chosen audience.

If you have diagnosed pain conditions and autoimmune conditions, if you have a long standing issue of muscle dysfunction, Body Advance is the place to come. If you simply want to relax, we can help also but there are others out there.

Plase get in contact with us, even if it's for a chat, we are happy to speak to you. Tel: 01302 456 270.

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