Cross fit and poor thoracic mobility.

Posted in Pain Management on Apr 05, 2022.

The popularity of the CrossFit franchises has gained significant momentum with practically every town and city having an afiliate or number of affiates and Doncaster is just one of those Towns.

CrossFit essentially is a branded fitness regimen combining core elements and functional training high intensity training, powerlifting, kettlebell lifting, calisthenics and so on. CrossFit also presents personal goal challenges and competitive feats amongst its cohort.

One thing that I see a lot of in clinic is poor thoracic and shoulder mobility in a lot of CrossFit participants who seek my help. Competing in any number of powerlifting events really does take its toll with often particular muscle groups not strong enough to complete these moves with good form. Form is very important n these moves, and muscle strength must be developed to avoid over compensatory dysfunction and poor posture.

As the rear upper torso is heavily engaged particularly in deadlifts, clean and press combined with explosive dynamic shifting of weight, it is essential to strengthen these muscle groups by switching them on and bracing the body to complete them safely. Failure to do so will cause asymmetric muscle growth, forward head posture, weaken tendons and cause injury. Over time this will develop into mobility issues with your thoracic spine and shoulders and will hinder any progress you intend to make.

A visit to my clinic is beneficial, not only to reduce pain symptoms and risk of injury but to correct postural issues and improve mobility.

My advice is, when you feel your ability to progress is compromised by poor mobility, seek help to address this inside and outside of a treatment room. To see how I can enable you to improve mobility issues leading to more progress inside your cross fit gym, please book an appointment on 01302 456270

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