Hip pain in adulthood

Posted in Pain Management on Mar 12, 2022.

Hip pain in adulthood is a common occurrence and is one that is tolerated until it gets so bad that it effects daily life. Why is it tolerated? The answer to this is things get in the way. We all must walk somewhere so we accept the niggle and get on with our day. There comes a point though where that niggle manifests into a much wider pattern of dysfunction. It’s like the car needing a service, the service light comes on and we ignore it till either time or finances allow. In some cases, the car stalls and by then the damage is done and a whole set of onset problems occur.

The hip joint is a weight bearing joint with a complex set of tasks to do that influences us at every turn. Its job is to provide weight bearing stability and to provide movement in various plains. Therefore, it’s very easy to see the problems it faces daily.

Breaking the pain down, if the hip is experiencing pain towards the outer side, the likelihood its that it’s a muscle and ligament problem and pattern of dysfunction. Whereas if its on the inside, its more than likely to be the joint itself or a combination.

The hip joint is a ball and socket joint relying on lubrication from synovial fluid, a good blood supply and healthy tissues and cartilage. When the hip is stressed, degradation in some form occurs and there are many factors that can influence how the joint performs.

Mobility of any joint is key, and the hip joint is no exception. This can be compromised by injury, overuse, muscle dysfunction and in some cases hip pathologies. Inflammatory conditions, general wear and tear conditions like arthritis or autoimmune conditions that one may be seeking specialist rheumatology treatment for. It can also be caused by pain triggered elsewhere in the body known as referral pain.

At body advance, I take a good appraisal of all circumstances to piece together a treatment plan that may involve quite a bit of homework and assistance from the client. I will look at testing the hip, mobilising the hip, treating soft tissues and connective tissue of the hip using a whole toolkit of techniques.

Depending on the dysfunction and how long this has been present, will have some influence on treatment numbers and treatment goals. Ideally looking at the problem will cascade reduction of symptoms. However, symptom control is a mind pain requirement and of course certain sessions I will look at certain points raised. It could be that some empathic trigger pointing of a muscle could bring some much relief that day. With regards to arthritic conditions, my work is to ease pain and soreness through providing more mobility through careful joint manipulation to bathe that joint in synovial fluid.

I invite anyone into clinic who maybe experiencing prolonged hip pain to have an initial chat and see if I can offer help and assistance. Please contact my clinic on 01302 456270.

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