The Ancient Mystery Of Men Not Seeking Treatment

Posted in Archived on Jan 04, 2019.

Well my first blog item of 2019 is born from the fact that a fair percentage of male clients during the last 3 years have been encouraged to come via their partners. In fact some have escorted them to their appointments.

Is it an extension of the old adage that men are far too proud to even consider treatment, as if its some sign of weakness? Is it the fact that men carry the strained muscle around like a trophy, not to be confused with hypertrophy of course.

Here at Body Advance, I welcome both male and female clients and would recommend they come for treatment or at least make contact. Contact to me is a sign that help is sought. From a client perspective, its that next step. It costs nothing to speak to me and I would encourage anyone to do so, even if it is a snippet of advice. That piece of advice is added value and a mark of how I operate my business and look after my clients.

So if you are looking for treatment in 2019 please just pick up the phone and call me on 01302 456 270.

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