Charity Cycle Training Update

Posted in Archived on Mar 13, 2017.

Sunday 12th March saw another training ride take place, it was a rather pleasant morning so setting off in the direction of Ladybower Reservoir was the plan.

Not knowing this area too well, sometimes I forget the topography and having taken a nice gentle start, it wasn't long before I came to Mortimer Road cycling through a notoriously steep area called Strines.

The gradient here is ridiculous and one short steep climb lead to another. When I finally reached Bamford and Ladybower, it was time to take a well earned pit stop.

A short while later, I took to the a57 Snake Pass for a 15 mile pedal towards Glossop. The thought was perhaps a good place for the future spouse to pick me up as this would have been 30 miles cycled, however, a turn of events meant this wasn't possible.

This 15 miles was terrible and I rode it quite slowly as my glutes and hips were painfully tight. The decent into Glossop was a very welcome relief and I stopped at Glossop Cafeteria for a take out coffee.

Knowing I had a 19 mile to go to get home to Oxspring, I set off. Immediately after the crossroads in Glossop is a big hill and my legs immediately started to get full of lactic acid again. And so it continued for the majority.

Once on Woodhead towards Barnsley, it's clear to see that the road is deceptive and you are climbing when you think the road is flat. And finally the quick decent towards the Flouch roundabout.

In summary the journey was 50 miles give or take, it had continuous climbs and overall hurt like hell. I conclude that I haven't found my enjoyment of cycling yet.

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