The Most Common Misconception of Sports Massage

Posted in Pain Management on Nov 28, 2023.

The Most Common Misconception of Sports Massage

There are quite a few misconceptions about what I can offer as a sports massage therapist. For a start, I wish to clarify that my clinic in Doncaster is for sports massage AND pain management!

But I digress. The most common phrase I hear is “but Wayne, I’m not an athlete so I’m sure I wouldn’t benefit from sports massage therapy”. WRONG!

The term “sports massage” was indeed coined because it was first used to help aid athletes in their performance and recovery.

But the sports massage industry has expanded and is available to anyone who has problem areas in their body, whereby deep massage, manipulation & a therapists physiological expertise can benefit their day to day living.

My day-to-day can involve seeing a multitude of patients from all walks of life. A 23 year old amateur

footballer with a strained quadricep will receive the same amount of attention as 35 year old office worker with a sore neck that has lost range of motion, or even a 60 year old with worsening arthritis symptoms.

Whether you know your medical diagnosis and need symptom management, or you only know your symptoms. I can help curate a plan that’s focussed around you and your goals. Whether they be sports related, or just wanting to execute your day-to-day life as pain free as possible.

So, in summary, just because you are not an athlete, does not mean you cannot experience the huge benefits of Sports Massage! If you are local to the Doncaster area and have been living with pain, reduced range of motion or just a problem area, give me a call or a message & I’ll happily arrange a consultation that could change your life!

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