Why Do I Have Muscle Knots?

Posted in Pain Management on Dec 19, 2023.

Why Do I Have Muscle Knots

Muscle Knots. The core of what I do is getting rid of these, often painful, knots that accumulate and build up over time in your muscles. But what are they? Why might you have them? And, most importantly, how can you get rid of them?

Muscle knots are a composition of tense muscle fibres found in your muscle or connective tissues. They’re also known as myofascial trigger points.

You can pretty much get them wherever you have muscle or connective tissue, but typically the exist in your neck & shoulders, lower back, outside of your leg, calves & shins. Some knots are ‘active’ and cause intense pain. Other knots lay dormant until you press on them. I’ve had many patients come in for back pain in one area, and I’ve found literally dozens of other muscle knots somewhere else!

So why do we get them? The obvious answers are from poor posture, injury, repetitive or even lack of motion.

Less commonly known? You can actually develop knots from muscle tension that’s brought on by mental stress. A lot of people hold genuine mental stress in their shoulders and neck specifically!

So how to get rid? Well, prevention is always easier than the cure! Take time to relax your body. On an evening, focus on individual body components and relax them. Take care especially to drop those shoulders down and ease that neck tension.

If you’re in a job that involves sitting for large portions of the day, take short, regular breaks to stand up, walk around & stretch!

However, once they’re there, the best place for you is your local Sports Massage Therapist. At my Doncaster clinic, we have a range of techniques that we can use to ease away each and every knot. Even the ones you didn’t think were there!

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