Your IT band versus your therapists ego

Posted in Pain Management on Mar 22, 2022.

As a therapist and someone who does a fair bit of exercise, you can imagine that I practice what I preach, and you'd be correct. I see several therapists and have done for some time.

To my amazement, I have come across several therapists who are so ego driven, they think inflicting pain on their clients is cool. Yes, I can agree that tight musculature has trigger points and inflammation and working through that tissue does bring onset discomfort. What i cannot accept however is pain brought on by negligent therapist’s hell bent on telling their client just how powerful they are.

If your therapist needlessly brings on pain tell them to stop, walk out and pay them nothing.

An example of this is leg and knee pain treating your IT band where the therapist thinks they can sort you out by elbowing what is a thick piece of connective tissue to death. News for you, they cannot influence your IT band this way.

Trying to ask yourself a question. Why is this hurting so much and what is it doing. At this point I’m guessing your therapist will be saying things like, "I’m sorry or your IT band sure is tight"

In a 2008 study, it was said that to even influence the length of your IT band by 1%, there would have to be 925KG of pressure applied. Yes, that’s right nearly a ton of pressure. Draw your own conclusions!!

If you are experiencing knee pain towards the outer aspect of your knee, it could be an overworked TFL muscle caused by some weakness in your glutes. There are safer less painful ways of working this muscle and this is what i choose to do with my clients.

If it’s a case of your IT band versus your therapist’s ego, let your IT band win!!

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