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Posted in Internal Updates on May 09, 2022.

Having been in this industry as a physical therapist for the last 7 years, it may not be surprising that I have tried many products. First starting out all those years ago, it was oils, but my quest then began to trial products that suited my own style. I have subsequently tried, oils , waxes, creams, liquiwax.

My go to are a fascial wax from Songbird and a gel from Physique. The fascial wax enables me to control grip without being abrasive on the skin. As most of my work evolves around soft tissue release, mobilisation and active locks, its essential that there is minimal to no slide and in order to maintain good contact with the skin.

When it comes to the need for massage and my styles vary dependent on whether its event prep, deep tissue work or light Swedish massage when clients have had inflammation, I chose one that’s fit for all.

Oils can be messy as there is risk of applying too much so I use a small amount of gel that changes with heat allowing better coverage and just enough glide without slip or need to reapply. This makes deeper slower strokes achievable without the client feeling need to towel themselves.

When you come for treatment at Bodyadvance, everything has been carefully considered and product choice is no exception.

To book in for treatment, please contact the clinic on 0302456270 or use the online booking button on the homepage.

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