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Posted in Archived on May 30, 2017.

Well firstly let me make an apology for taking so long to update our blog.

Running a very busy massage practice plus training for a long Charity cycle ride has got in the way a little.. So a bit of an update really with as an interim blog item before we get back to full swing.

Over the course of time. I'm always looking at development and opportunities within the massage therapy industry. So , I have been busy with clients and generating enough income to schedule a range of continuous and professional development courses. So upcoming in July, I will be away in Brighton and Oxford training in some advanced techniques and limiting the need for onward referral. This forms a lot of my strategy long term to be a go to therapist for conditions and pain management. In addition there will be a lot of training pencilled in between now and Christmas to up my game to become a Clinical Massage Therapist. I feel this is the area of massage that suits me.

Some great opportunities have also presented themselves since I last blogged. I have been developing a few choice referral partners and networking quite a lot. You cant afford to be static as a therapist. This leaves one jaded , bored and disillusioned. This is why , I have optimum levels of enthusiasm for all things massage and also finding time to take necessary time out for myself. I fitted in a lovely visit to Gdansk in Poland on a choice city break.

So what next?

Training aside, there is a significant update being made to the website with some optimised pages being created to categorise what therapies are that we offer. This will aid our S.E.O for local search engine results.

We are also putting together details of launching a wellness centre called TherapyOne which hopefully become a local hub for both talking and bodywork therapies. We have been looking at various spaces for a wellness centre and also new home for Body Advance. The one thing clear to me is that lone working is a struggle. I would rather have a bigger piece of something and work in a peer supported environment than take on things alone. TherapyOne will be coming in the not too distant future and I hope to make more details available shortly.

So that's it for now. Please keep looking at our blog page and I will be publishing the next article in our massage focus series.

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