Cervical Dystonia

Posted in Pain Management on Feb 21, 2016.

Cervical Dystonia or Neck Dystonia is an uncontrollable contractive painful muscle disorder effecting around 18,000 adults in the UK. It's the most common of the dystonia disorders which is diagnosed and treated by a neurologist. Symptoms include involuntary / sudden movement often resulting in neck spasm and the neck being pulled to one side.

Treating Dystonia requires a number of different approaches and massage therapy is just one. As you can imagine, soreness, tight muscles and referred pain are often symptomatic of a condition like this. Our treatment includes gentle massage of soft tissues around the neck and shoulders, passive stretching and lengthening of affected muscles and appropriate aftercare. There are a number of considerations that need to be addressed with this condition that could actually bring on symptoms so receiving therapy from a professional is essential. Should you have this condition and are looking at complimentary therapy to run alongside other treatments, we would welcome your call:
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