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Posted in Internal Updates on May 17, 2022.

The underlying common theme I’m presented with is symptom based problems and frustration, based on last resort attempts to fix a problem and common myths.

At Body Advance, I evaluate your reason for being here in conjunction with a thorough health screening and a willingness to get to know the person.

Through a series of musculoskeletal tests and looking at your current mobility, I am able to suggest appropriate treatment and I have a full toolkit of things that work and apply them correctly.

I have people presenting with sciatica type pain. for instance, if i can see out turned feet there may be tightness in hip rotation mimicking sciatic pain. Applying a test that pay potentially irritate a sciatic nerve i.e. "true sciatic nerve test" would offer further clues. In many case it’s the former and treatment to induce better hip rotation is the fix and symptoms from day one are reduced.

It is a common myth that by introducing more pain to already inflamed dysfunctional muscle is the right thing to do. you’ve heard the story, it goes something like this, "I’ve got a high pain threshold" or "this isn’t going to be pleasant, your IT band is tight" have they tested these things??

Therefore, it’s a sensible option to come to someone who cand do what I do, evaluate, test, treat without ego and get to know you as a person and connect with you to help influence how you can get yourself out of pain and stay out of pain!! Surely that’s best. When it comes to my google reviews, there is a common theme, the treatment, knowledgebase, and the caring nature of the therapist.

I encourage anyone to book a session by visiting my website www.bodyadvance.co.uk and clicking the book now button.

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