So It's 2019. A New Year A New Start

Posted in Archived on Dec 07, 2018.

So it’s 2019. A new year a new start. I’m looking for 3 clients to start an annual therapy programme. Ideally suited for those who require continuous symptom control. For those regular gym goers or those taking up a physical challenge and need support. This is something I’ve never done but feel it is time. I have already had all my Doncaster clients report that symptoms are reducing or telling me effects are immediate.

A monthly programme of 3 massages /soft tissue release sessions per month plus one free. Interest free option £1200 Deposit 100. Then 11x £100 by direct debit. Or pay up front option 1000. Or 550 then 550 month 6. The savings are £420 and £620. Respectively Condition of sale each monthly sessions must be taken with no roll over. You can pass on sessions to a family member if you choose. All major credit and debit cards taken.

The treatments I do are clinical and provide effective and sustained results. By taking regular sessions the benefits are far superior then coming for an odd session. My standard sessions are £45 Per hour.

If you would like to make serious changes to your body’s dysfunction and can devote time to it. These are for you.

To book give me a call 01302 456270 email,

Please note. Having studied massage a while now I’m a firm believer that being static on a table is wholesale non beneficial. My sessions are intuitive and require some active client participation.

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