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Posted in Archived on Dec 07, 2018.

The cat is out of the bag. I started trading from my fantastic new clinic space at the Wellness Centre Cavendish Court, a prestigious building on South Parade in the heart of Doncaster.

Why did I choose here? The answer is simple. Doncaster is my home town. Its where I Grew up and it is where I have chosen to live again after a cumulative Hiatus of around 20 years. Doncaster is very much part of me now and I really want to ground myself and lay roots here. I have a wonderful new partner Lisa who is also from Doncaster and the hope is we build a solid future together. Being happy in a job I love , being close to home is very exciting.

Business wise, Doncaster is a thriving town , a big town with a population of around 308,000 people. When I left here back in 1997, I think the population then was around 260,000.

This really is good for me as a thriving town with an influx of people and businesses relocating here means potential customers. I notice lots of friends, acquaintances and ex work colleagues are always doing some form of activity, challenge or participating in a sport.

I am here now to serve the people of Doncaster with regards to improving their wellbeing with a fleet of massage therapy skills to offer long standing results. I am really proud to have a massage therapy clinic in Doncaster and be amongst a thriving therapist community. There are a number of sports massage therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors. physiotherapists treating people of Doncaster and surrounding areas. This gives great encouragement to me as what I do may differ from them and what they do may differ from me. When there's a crossover, different clients make informed choices as to where they go. Its often therapists personality and demeanour that sets them apart after skills obviously.

I am very hopeful of making my new therapy clinic a success and helping the people of Doncaster become pain free, have freedom of movement and improving their general wellbeing as a whole.

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