visiting a sports massage clinic

Posted in Pain Management on Sep 28, 2023.

Visiting a Sports Massage Clinic:

Why now is the perfect time!

Where has the time gone this year? I’m almost certain that September only started yesterday and here we are entering October and, hopefully, a very fun & active few months for all concerned!

This is truly the time of year where no one wants on-going niggles, aches & pains to stop them from enjoying the many parties, events & other festivities set to come. Any pain that’s musculoskeletal related could, and typically will, breakdown at the worst time — so it’s definitely the perfect time to seek out those pain management resolutions you’ve maybe been putting off during the summer!

Perhaps you’ve got ongoing back problems? Spasms that will only be made worse by apple-bobbing at your child’s Halloween Party - where the following day you can’t even leave bed for pain. Or maybe you’ve had a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis & you’re worried that joint pain & stiffness is going to hinder your moves at the office Christmas Party? You may even have big plans for a trip away at New Year but you’ve got an ongoing injury that prescribed NHS Physiotherapy hasn’t touched the sides with.

Above all else, you want to feel normal in these coming months, and there’s nothing worse than having pain on your mind when preparing to have fun with family & friends. And it absolutely doesn’t have to be that way!

Body Advance is a Sports Massage & Pain Management Clinic in the heart of Doncaster. We offer a totally client centred approach in all of our therapies and treatments, with years of success stories. Our passion is helping you be the best version of yourself, by using hands-on techniques that aim to mobilise & improve various muscle groups, joints & soft-tissues! All designed to have you feeling the best you’ve maybe felt in years!

Don’t wait for New Years Resolutions to give your body the attention it needs! Book in for a consultation now.

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