Posted in Archived on Oct 19, 2017.

Over the last 18 months we have been developing our business through a combination of ways.

We have spent a lot of time and money in training with some of the leading figures in the world of soft tissue therapy. Thankfully, this means we can offer many different techniques and work with many new clients.

Our referrals have increased and we now see clients with many different sporting pursuits such as running, cycling, climbing, equestrianism, elite athletics and much more. We have also seen our clients with long term conditions and they are now benefitting from our treatments.

So we have rebranded, we are no longer ‘Body Advance Massage Therapies’, we are now simply Body Advance. We are specialist soft tissue therapists, we do sports taping and manage client’s conditions through specified treatment plans and control symptoms.

It won't belong before it's 2018, so as we approach winter we are very happy to have all the new branding done and now feel best placed to position ourselves as the ‘Go To’ therapists.

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