Sports Massage

Sport massage is an extension really of Swedish massage geared towards mobilising soft tissues working with a deeper pressure, breaking down adhesions and increase or decrease muscle tone, particularly in a sporting context but can also be used to treat a range of conditions.

Sports massage is an effective accompaniment to training programmes before and after exercise, pre and post event with specific techniques applied to aid performance or to relax over exerted muscle and connective tissue.

Sports massage helps by

Sports massage also helps to keep the muscles healthy thus in turn helping sporting performance physically and psychologically.

When you have a sports massage with Body Advance, you will be assessed and full case history taken to deliver a truly client centred session. This will be specifically tailored to your requirements whether pre or post events, taking in to account medical conditions, past / present injuries. We have internal policies in place to advise on appropriate onward medical referral, we deem this necessary be this to a GP or other medical practitioner.

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