Musculoskeletal Testing

Musculoskeletal testing is an assessment carried out using light exertion and active participation of the client to gain information on physical condition. Using a series of proven standardised tests, we will look at range of motion, function / dysfunction, flexibility and strength.

It could well be that the client is presenting with symptoms of tight muscle groups, or joint impingement, or indeed prove useful for someone is wanting a check up prior to or post event. This could apply to both professionals and amateurs.

Having taken a full client history to include any history of injury, dysfunction and or medical conditions, we will perform a safe series of tests and look at correcting dysfunction with muscle energy techniques, passive joint mobilisation and soft tissue manual therapy.

One of the tests we perform is the Glute test, checking the firing pattern. This is particularly useful if a client is presenting with lower back soreness as it could be a misfiring glute that causes gait related issues. The test usually takes around 45 minutes with 15 minutes set aside for consultation.

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