Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a form of massage therapy working on the deeper structures of muscle and connective tissue (Fascia). It is not just a massage with a more firm pressure.

The strokes are much slower with little or no oil / lotion used and can be very effective with chronic aches and breaking down muscle adhesions and scar tissue.

There will be a varying toolkit of techniques applied once the client's muscles have been warmed up with lighter strokes. Atypically, a therapist will use elbows, forearms knuckles and reinforced thumbs to work into the muscle fibres known as stripping and working across the muscle fibres using friction.

The therapist will work in an intuitive manner but will be in constant communication with the client.

It is quite common for there to be some discomfort during treatment, especially working in to areas or chronic tension and the likelihood being that the client may be sore for a few days after. However, this should subside and benefits will be far reaching including improved range of motion and freedom within the muscle tissue.

Deep tissue massage is not a suitable therapy for everyone and is contra indicated for a number of conditions, hence please discuss any medical conditions with your therapist and seek advice accordingly.

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