Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques

Soft tissue release is a technique of stretching soft tissues primarily muscle, connective tissue (Fascia) and tendons.

Used in sporting and non sporting context, the prime aim is to remove adhesions, and encourage lengthening to tight or (Shortened Muscles), thus improving range of motion and increasing flexibility, freeing discomfort.

Ever been to the gym, stuck a stack of weight on and had really sore tight quads? Well this series of techniques can help with all that.

The methods involve locking in to tissue and using both active and passive movements to encourage lengthening of restricted tissue.

We use the following or combinations

Strain/ CounterStrain: A form of positional release where body is encouraged to release muscles in spasm actively and passively in specified position.

Muscle Energy Techniques (MET): A soft tissue release where lengthening of shortened muscles are encouraged using contraction of tight muscle (PIR Post Isometric Relaxation) or contraction of opposing muscle (RI Reciprocal Inhibition), the latter better used where the client has pain or discomfort in contracting tight muscle.

Myofascial Release: Working with the connective tissue slowly to restore muscle function.

We tend to use myofascial wax when working with soft tissue release techniques to allow slow movement and minimum glide. This treatment is often accompanied by gentle massage to encourage further relaxation and tame down areas that have been worked upon.

From July 2017 we will be offering BRMT (BodyMaster Release Techniques) developed and honed by leading osteopath and sport therapist John Gibbons.

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