Back pain and the benefits of seeking a therapist to help.

Posted in Pain Management on Mar 09, 2022.

Back pain is one of the most common conditions that is presented to me in clinic and according to the Charted Institute of Professional Development is one of the top contributors to absence from work.

Back pain can manifest itself in many ways to include injury, daily activity and in some cases underlying and undiagnosed medical conditions. Back pain can also affect people of differing ages but its worth noting that as we get older, some degeneration of the spine can be expected plus years of activity and the types of people’s occupation, are significant factors in onward spine health.

The human back is composed of a complex structure of muscles, ligaments, tendons, discs, and bones, which work together to support the body and enable us to move around in one unit. Dysfunction, injury or degeneration to any of these can result in back pain.


The most common of causes of back pain are as a result of poor posture or injury. Often people will become symptomatic through muscle tension with things like an office-based job where one is hunched over a computer or simply bending down to pick something up heavy where ligaments and tendons are strained. Gym related exercise is also a significant factor through repeat overuse.

From time to time, structural issues can bring on back pain with conditions such as Sciatica, Arthritis and hip mobility problems being quite prevalent in terms of back pain.

Associated Symptoms

Aside from the pain itself, back pain can have many separate associated symptoms and its worth knowing these. To include but not exhausted to’

• Inflammation and muscle soreness.

• Mobility issues

• Weakness and difficulty standing, sitting and sleeping

• Breathing difficulties

• Noticeable digestion problems

• General unexplained fatigue

• Headaches

• Disrupted nerve sensation, tingling , numb feeling, burning

• Dizziness

Why Seek a therapist?

Back pain can present as either acute or chronic. Acute back pain is anything onset and up to around 6 weeks whereas chronic back pain is pre-determined from 6weeks onward. Left untreated, backpain can lead to further health complications to include, worsening pain, injury, significant mobility problems, mental health risks and other bodily system degeneration.

Seeking treatment is important to enable you to move better. Quite simply, help through a medical practitioner or a musculoskeletal therapist not only can result in symptom control, but can really make inroads into the problem itself.

Why come to Bodyadvance?

At BodyAdvance, I approach back pain from a consultative standpoint. That means finding out about you the client, how the back pain came on, the job you do, the activities you take part in as well as an overview of your general health and lifestyle. This may lead to a few clues as to the extent of your problem.

Before I conduct any treatment, I will run a few tests to check your current mobility, your range of motion, weaknesses in certain muscle groups and of course predetermining what brings on pain. By appropriate testing, it allows for appropriate treatment and is a much safer way to treat back pain.

Symptoms are only half the story so its more beneficial to offer up some resolution to potential causes and factors or if more appropriate, discussing onward referral for closer in-depth examination through a GP or hospital examination by way of MRI or similar.

Post treatment, it is vital to unravel repeat factors that may bring on pain. To this end, I will offer up appropriate aftercare advice to include cessation of known causes, self-administered remedy, specific remedial exercises advice including appropriate strengthening and when required, follow up appointments for further treatment

In terms of treatment, I offer an integrated approach from working on dysfunction from a sports massage perspective, mobility of joints, isometric relaxation techniques, and in certain cases use of medical grade equipment. I encourage my clients to move at all times In my sessions as treating someone static on a table over a period of time can be very prohibitive.

To find how I can help you, please book an appointment by calling 01302 456270 or by using the online appointment booking tool on the website.

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